Sunrise in the Desert is an Electronic Pop Rock duo from Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. Their self-titled debut EP is a unique and fresh combination of dreaminess and grit. Reminiscent of fuzzy Euro Pop Rock, Their single ‘Bang Bang’ is a late night club stomper that’s sure to get you up and dancing.

In August of 2016, ‘Bang Bang’ was featured in a CBC nationwide Olympic Montage on Usain Bolt (TV and Web) and it was included in the Y108 Rocks weekly indie show along with Sloan’s ‘Summer’s My Season’. With this momentum, the group was invited for an official showcase performance at SXSW 2017.

In 2017, the group started tracking songs for their first feature length album. They received FACTOR funding for the project and are expecting a big release in the fall of this year.

The Autotunes at The Teachers’ Lounge, 2016



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Riccardo Rad
Drums / Lead Vocals

Adrian Zhang

Noemi Guinto

Morgan Cruz
Keyboard / Vocals

Genevieve Laveau